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Vehicles Are A Petri Dish of Germs, Viruses and Harmful Bacteria


Vehicle owners in Victoria, Cowichan, Duncan, Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum, Courtenay, Comox, Campbell River, and Port Alberni are particularly prone to repeated mold due to their proximity to moisture, which leave serious health hazards. Not every mold remediation company is thorough in their elimination and decontamination techniques.

The average person spends 600 hours a year in their vehicle. Along for the ride are some unwanted guests that live in your vehicle interior and HVAC system – a damp, dark place ideal for breeding colonies of bacteria, molds, mildews and their associated odors.


There is no doubt that our vehicles have become an integral part of our family lives. As life gets busier we spend more and more time driving… to and from work, dropping kids off at a practice, grabbing coffee with friends, and running errands with the dog.

Spilled food, pets, and passengers who transfer allergens and germs to everything they touch, make cars the perfect breeding grounds for harmful germs and toxic molds.

PACIFIC DECON offers a revolutionary, health protection program that keeps your family safe from these biohazards that lurk in even the cleanest looking vehicles.


A study done by the Harvard Health Watch found that the average person spends over 600 hours per year in their vehicle! Your ride has become your office, your closet, and sometimes, even your dining room.

We are spending more and more time in our cars so it is important to know just how safe our vehicles really are. And how about a buying a pre-owned car? Most of us have no way of knowing what went on in that vehicle before we owned it so why leave it to chance.

Consider these facts. A study done by Queen Mary University in London discovered that, on average, there are 700 different kinds of bacteria that live within car interiors. Compare that with only 60 types found on public toilet seats! Your steering wheel alone can harbor 9 times more germs than a public washroom! Not only that, it is likely some of the most dangerous bacteria and viruses are riding around with you and your family.

Right about now you may be thinking, “that’s not my vehicle, I keep it clean”. The unfortunate reality is that even the cleanest looking vehicles are at risk. Similar tests have found Staph, E-Coli, Salmonella and even MRSA bacteria in otherwise clean vehicles, most notably those carrying kids and pets. Many of these bacteria can survive in a vehicle for months residing on dashboards, steering wheels and gear shifts.
Your vehicle, with its exposure to heat and moisture, is a perfect breeding ground for germ and mold colonies that spread every time you touch them or turn on the car’s HVAC system. Add to that the environmental allergens that find their way into your vehicle and you have a moving Petri dish of germs, molds and mildews that pose an increasing health risk for your family.

We know you are busy and it’s hard to find time to constantly keep your vehicle clean. Not to worry, we have you covered! The PACIFIC DECON Program keeps your family safe from what is lurking in your car.

PACIFIC DECON is without a doubt the safest, most effective, health protection program for you and your family vehicles. PACIFIC DECON is safe for:

Families with young children who are much more susceptible than adults to harmful germs and toxic molds.

Elderly people, including those with COPD and other respiratory illnesses, who are at greater risk from airborne bacteria and viruses such as the flu or influenza.

Pets, who leave behind whatever they have brought in from the outdoors including fecal matter, the occasional flea or tick, and that lovely “wet dog smell”.

People with environmental allergies or sensitivities, who often suffer as the vehicle HVAC system blows around pollens and mold spores.

Pacific Decontamination Services is without a doubt the safest, most effective, health protection program for you and your family vehicle – How It Works