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Mold Exposure and Health Hazards


Home owners in Victoria, Cowichan, Duncan, Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum, Courtenay, Comox, Campbell River, and Port Alberni are particularly prone to repeated mold due to their proximity to moisture, which leave serious health hazards. Not every mold remediation company is thorough in their elimination and decontamination techniques.

Mold can live in your home, vehicle, boat or workplace and can pose serious health risks if left undetected. Many health conditions that used to be labeled unknown are now conditions correlated with mold exposure. For example, mold exposure is now known to cause bronchitis and respiratory infections. These connections between health hazards and mold exposure are fairly new discoveries, which is why it is important that we are aware of the problem and know how to spot it.

Exposure to mold is associated with many allergy symptoms including nasal and sinus congestion, asthma, dyspnea, sore throat and skin and eye irritations. Some other symptoms include chest tightness, epistaxis, upper respiratory tract infections, and headaches. Long term exposure to mold can have serious health effects on anyone; but infants, children, seniors, pregnant women, and those who already have compromised immune systems are all at higher risk than the average individual.

An extremely potent toxin called Mycotoxin is produced by mold and can be more dangerous than aspergillosis diseases. They begin to change our immune systems while at the same time producing chemicals that eventually suppress our immune systems. The Mycotoxin is located in or on mold particles and is inhaled, ingested or touched by the human body. Mold has the ability to enter into the brain becoming neurotoxic and produce central nervous system effects including behavioral and cognitive changes. There is no barrier located between the brain and our blood system, making it easy for the Mycotoxins to enter our bodies. Not all molds contain Mycotoxin, but many produce harmful substances, including allergens and other compounds.

Mold is hard to detect and can often be missed even when health symptoms do occur. When the immune system is weak from mold exposure it can lead to many negative long term health problems.

How Do I Solve My Mold Problem?

The solution is a unique solution formula offered exclusively by Pacific Decontamination Services that chemically cleaves the spore wall, then neutralizes the mycotoxin inside. This also changes the osmotic pressure around the cell, which causes an imbalance in the internal cellular pressure resulting in total collapse of the cellular membrane.

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