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Removing Mold in Attics


What are the tell-tale signs of an attic mold problem for residents living in Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum, Port Alberni, Comox, Courtenay and Campbell River?

Dark black staining on wood surfaces — If the wood in your attic shows any black discoloration, the problem has moved beyond moisture; you have mold that should be removed.
Attic feels excessively hot or stuffy — Attics should feel breezy if they are properly ventilated. When an attic is stuffy, that indicates you have a ventilation problem, which often results in mold problems.
Frost buildup on the underside of the roof sheathing in winter — When it’s cold enough outside, water vapor in an attic with improper ventilation can freeze on the underside of your roof. This makes it especially easy to spot.
Wet insulation in the attic — Not only is this a sign that you may (or soon will) have a mold problem, but when insulation gets damp or wet its ability to insulate becomes significantly diminished, costing you extra money to heat/cool your home.
Water dripping from smoke detectors, light fixtures, bath fans — This is a sure sign that the floor (or attic) above you has a level of moisture that needs to be addressed.
The smell of mildew in the attic — Trust your nose. A musty or moldy smell in the attic means there’s a moisture problem somewhere.

Mold Exposure – How Vulnerable Are You?

What causes attic mold?

We in the mold industry like to say that “mold problems are moisture problems.” In other words, you cannot have a mold problem without a moisture problem. And mold can make you sick!

Generally speaking, attic moisture problems that lead to mold growth are most often caused by:

Blocked or Insufficient Ventilation
Improper Exhausting of Bathroom Fans or Dryer Vents
Roof Issues/Leaks

How to Remove, Eliminate and Remediate Black Mold in Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum, Port Alberni, Comox, Courteney, Campbell River

Pacific Decontamination Services neutralize your mold by applying our eco-friendly, safe chemical into your attic, crawlspace, or basement. Depending on the job, we apply our formula by spray, mist, foam, or fog. We do not use a tent. The average time of our on-site service is approximately one hour. An additional four hours is required to achieve maximum effectiveness. We ask that you stay out of the premise for approximately 5 hours in total. Read more about how we work.

Pacific Decontamination Services uses the world’s strongest, most effective and safe antimicrobial disinfectant, deodorization and chemical decontaminate. Our professional application will eliminate up to 99.9999% of any allergen, germ, bacteria or fungus that it touches. AND as powerful as it is, it is also completely safe.

What do you do next? How do you solve the challenge of mold and associated health hazards?

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