We remove odors and protect your home from harmful germs of all kinds of mold, mildew, fungi, rodent urine, rat droppings, pet urine and all other bio hazards.

About The Invisible Enemy
Bacteria and viruses are stronger than ever. They travel faster, farther, and are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics and traditional disinfection techniques. Much of what once worked to combat these dangerous microbes becomes less effective with every passing day.

If you’re worried that your home is making you sick or hampering your ability to heal, you’re not alone. Homes typically harbor millions of germs and other harmful microorganisms, and the more you’re exposed to them, the higher your risk. Children, pregnant women, and seniors are especially vulnerable.

Despite vigilant prevention efforts, the “invisible enemy” is almost impossible to spot, let alone eradicate by homeowners. Left unchecked, germs, bacteria, and mold can lead to serious problems ranging from overwhelming odors to Sick Home Syndrome (SHS).

The implications are obvious. Selling a home with odors impacts the selling price and extends the time on the market. Home health care and recovery, especially those with weakened immune systems, is compromised.

Pacific Decontamination Offers A Practical Solution:
We offer home, and apartment owners access to the world’s most modern decontamination and infection prevention technologies. We treat your home in a way that makes it resistant to strains of bacteria, viruses, and other types of contaminants. We build a shield for you that offers constant protection, and we do so in a way that is verifiable and affordable.